Big Data is Electric - Who Is Set to Win the Data + Cloud Wars

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Section I: what Big Data is, Who Makes Money off it, and how it Affects YOU
Section II:  Is "Data is The New Oil"
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The question paramount to investors once they understand the exponential growth and importance of Big Data: who wins?
First- Humanity Wins.
From helping make more of efficient use of natural resources, to easing the burden on healthcare resources, to, in the end, robotics and A/I which will satisfy humanity's every whim, creating a virtual utopia, before finally morphing into a sentient destructive computer-overlord.
Until then, what horses should you back in the stock market so that you're a multi-millionaire when Skynet launches the nukes. (on the off-hand chance you get to take it with you.)

To answer this I wish to make two distinctions between oft used analogy "Data is New Oil"
1. While oil has a fixed supply, data is being generated at an ever increasing rate.
2. While p…

Is Data Really the "New Oil?" (Hint: NO- here's why ...)

A good analogy bridges the gap of understanding by linking the unfamiliar with something already understood. Let's dive into- “Data is the New Oil.”
Oil's Applications over time Oil of long ago when found bubbling up on a property was considered a nuisance. Thirsty American pioneers of the early 1800's would dig wells and be disappointed when they struck oil. * Following the invention of the kerosene lamp in 1854, petroleum began to replace whale oil, creating massive protests amongst the social justice warriors of that long ago era; "The greedy oil industry is displacing all those poor whalers! The sad, helpless souls!" And then one of the whalers standing beside them would spit tobacco juice in their face. **   
But it was when petroleum began to be refined into gasoline to power the newly created internal combustion engine that oil's value to society skyrocketed.
A single barrel of oil stores the equivalent of 25,000 man-hours of power and sells on the marke…

"Big Data" - Who Makes Money off it + How does it Affect YOU?

Will data science increase operational efficiencies and create new savings, less waste, and thus greater wealth for humanity? What secrets can pouring over your data give to an organization, be they nefarious, marketers, or perhaps trying save your life?
What is Big Data?
In our everyday lives we take in and evaluate data almost unconsciously, whether it’s noting someone is consistently late and adjusting our expectations of them, to noting traffic trends and tailoring our schedule accordingly. 
“Big Data” refers to vast amounts of data recorded digitally and analyzed using vast and previously unavailable computational power to uncover trends and patterns. It is already being used in medical diagnostics, to keep physical machines running smoothly, and even to understand you as an individual. 
Examples of Big Data in Use
For each example I have put the data being used in italics. 
Video- How Big data is Revolutionizing Medicine
Medicine- After feeding a computer millions of breast tissue cell…

What Does it Take to Be in The top 1% of Global Earners?

Interesting fact: To be in the top 1% of earnings, Globally, do you know how much money you need to make?
$32,000 a year.
Thank God you were born in the West. 
Please, remember, in today's world it doesn't take 12 hours a day tilling a field to survive and live. Machines and technology have increased our productivity and yield dramatically. Say what we will about the soil and environmental degradation capitalism and the progress of civilization has wrecked upon the earth, there is no greater time to be alive than today! 
Count your blessings.

Achieving Financial Freedom + Greater Free Time- Simple Strategies

I was speaking to a friend today who finds the accumulation of money a touch mystifying. He wondered why I had the ability to travel as frequently as I do, and asked me if I had any tips.  Believing the information applies to everyone, from every country, I thought it would be beneficial to use the magic of the internet to distribute. (to that end, if you feel someone would benefit, you're free to re-share).
First off, like most of us, upon graduating college I had nothing in the bank. True, I did not have student loans, but I started from essentially zero. Here are my strategies for building a nest egg.  My Goal was Freedom of time.Material objects mean very little to me beyond the basics. As of this writing I drive a 12 year old Prius, live in a cheap apartment (relatively speaking as it is in a nice area of LA) and really the only thing I splurge on is the occasional last second airline ticket.  When my friends ask me to consult, to "Richify" their life, I divide our plan…

Time To Sell United Airlines! Management is Destroying the Brand

Management’s overarching goal should be to maximize profits. It’s my belief that United Airlines is doing a fabulous job of this! Why then would I advise you to sell the airline’s shares which currently trade at 3 times earnings? 
Warren Buffett advises owning a company with great management. Invest in them, then leave them free to do their thing. In fact, Warren recently stated that one of the mistakes he repeats over and over is “not being willing to pay a premium for a company with great management.” In other words, he regrets being cheap and not being willing to pay a premium for well run companies.
But wait a second, aren’t you saying that United is doing a great job maximizing profits? And trading at 3 times earnings. What gives man? Why am I confused? Okay, let’s break this down into two parts.
Cheap Price to Earnings
Airlines earnings are very cyclical, and are especially correlated to fuel prices. Right now the airlines are reaping in profits as oil has dropped precipitously fro…

Here's Why Apple Pay Will Catch on Quickly with Consumers

The simple reason why Apple Pay will catch on is a new pain introduced to consumers which will create adoption at a much quicker level. 

Most analysts discuss the slowing adoption of Apple Pay, but recent changes in US Law are making it necessary to read chips on the credit cards, which takes longer at checkout (substantially longer given the time sensitive society we live in) 
Apple Pay offers security via biometrics and tokenization and consumers will have new reasons to take the plunge and adopt Apple Pay.