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Buy Google Stock Dammit. Buy it Soon.

WHY BUY GOOGLE (ticker symbol- GOOG)-- by Rich Birecki

Okay, it has been a long time since I have made a financial pick. last year I purchased Google (GOOG) at 450 for a client's account I am managing, and sold it 597. I will go over the reasons I bought it then and am recommending it now.
The original why: Simply put, my life was becoming Googlefied. Having purchased an Android phone, I found it Vastly superior to the Palm phone that it replaced. To download email in real time on it, I set-up a gmail account which I found to be, infinitelysuperior to yahoo. I likely would not have set-up gmail had I not purchased the smart-phone. To search the internet on my phone, I merely speak into it, it decodes the sound waves, and gives me very reliable results via the Google search engine. My schedule, done by Google. Heck, i am even writing this blog powered by google blogger, with google ads around it, so when you click one after you read this, Google and my company split a few cents.