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Your Money and the US Debt Crisis

Fact: we continue to spend far more than we take in revenue.

Fact: if this was a private individual, eventually people would stop supplying them with credit.

Fact: Giving warring political factions, unable to make sacrifices that would affect their chances of re-election, but being fully willing to ask others to do such, how much is the US Legislative Branch really committed to cut spending.

Prime Example: Ethanol subsidies-- It takes as much energy input to produce corn ethanol as you get out of it, thus turning corn into fuel merely takes food off the world's table, creating higher commodity prices, while having no effect on the price of oil, and money out of taxpayers' hands ... A bill to remove ethanol subsidies passed the house, but didn't pass in the Senate because of some two faced explantions by both Republican's and Democrats that, "now is not the time to make America less energy independent." Then they turn around and vote against money for real en…