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The World Catches Up To The Bush League Economy

The Bush League Economy

Look, let me be clear here when discussing Bush- if I met him at a party, chances are I would like him. I don't believe he is an evil or bad person, but as a leader, he was an absolute failure ....

America already had a big deficit prior to Bush, but with with the help of a catalyst named Osama Bin Laden, El Presidente implemented ruinous policies to American might and economic well being.

9/11, courtesy of Osama. Damage to American economy- trillions. Not only the immediate obliteration of the Trade Centers, planes, lives lost, etc. but the added mega-billions of dollars a year we spend on Homeland Security, time lost at airports, and the action we had to take in invading Afghanistan.

Sadly, W uses "terror" as an excuse to invade Iraq and depose Sadaam Hussein. Who benefited? The military industrial complex, big oil, Al Quaeda (til the Muslim world soured on their continued unjustifiable violence) and the Shiites now in control of Iraq; at the ex…

America-- Sliding Down A Slippery Slope or Free Falling?

"The United States is living like parasites off the global economy and their monopoly of the dollar."

Vladamir Putin- August 1, 2011--
says the man worth 40 billion dollars from peddling political influence, bribes, and taking controlling stakes in Russian companies, simply, because he has can ...-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
As I promised a follow up to the US financial debacle going on right now, I want to discuss why the US is slipping from it's position of King Of The Hill, both how we got to the top of the mountain, and why we are losing our grasp of the peak.
I'll also be addressing Mr. Vladamir.

Onto The Show ...
While Europe was largely settled in the 1800's, the US was still largely vast swaths of uncharted territory. While Europeans of two centuries ago worked like slaves to keep their meager salaries, owners of American businesses couldn't put a complete stranglehold on the labor mark…

US Debt Downgrade and What It means for Your $$

Downgrading Your $$

On Friday, the S + P downgraded US Debt a notch, from the top rating of AAA to AA+ ... Let's examine what that means, and why it is important.
So a rating agency, which was unable to predict the 2008 financial crisis, says USA just slightly slightly riskier than before ...
None other than Warren Buffet retorted in an interview with Fox News shortly after the downgrade, stating that S+P is dead wrong, that he would give the US a quadruple A rating if there were a rating above 3 A's ...
I plan to commit investor sacrilege and challenge The Oracle of Omaha (Buffet) here as well.

First of all what does it really mean, the "downgrade?" In real terms, not much. Buffet is absolutely correct when he says there is little chance at a "default."

** But Rich! You said you were going to challenge Buffet. Now you agree with him?**

Did you notice that I put "default" in quotes. Yes, the US has a printing press, and they can easily print more …