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Google is David to Facebook's Goliath

Google (GOOG) is one of the world’s most successful companies, its name a verb synonymous with search, adopted by all the world’s languages, its coffers overflowing with cash, and regulators in the EU and America seeking to describe its dominance as a "monopoly."
So how in the world can mighty Google be considered an underdog? Well, in taking on King Goliath (Facebook) in the social media realm, Google enters the arena as David. When I first upgraded to my Android Phone, I found myself surprised to be registering for a new gmail account (which I found vastly superior to Yahoo (YHOO)), and using the Google search engine on an even greater frequency (like 100% where before I interspersed Yahoo/Bing). I came to love the phone, and became exactly the type of consumer Google was trying to capture by giving away the Android operating system to phone-makers. My life became so “Googlefied” I felt compelled to purchase the stock. Now Google branches out to social media, in what is a …