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Will Oil Shoot the Moon? the Coming War with Iran

Will Oil Shoot TheMoon? The Coming War With Iran BOOM! Hear that explosion? That’s black gold’s rocket ship thrusting off earth’s surface headed to the moon as the first Israeli bomb hits a clandestine nuclear facility. PHHWWTT! That’s the sound of 2.3 million barrels of daily Iranian production immediately sucked out of the market. SQUEEZE! Feel that? That’s Iran sealing off the Strait of Hormuz (a strategically important waterway for tankers.) WAAAAA!!!! Hear that? That’s panic in the oil pits as traders hit the buy button as they so “rationally” hit the buy button circa 1999 when Internet stocks with no profits were valued at a bazillion times earnings, now sending crude’s price into orbit. OUCH! Feel that sting? That’s you at the gas pump as you decide to cut back on groceries. How likely is this scenario? Sadly, getting more and more so. Israel has recently ratcheted up their Iranian nuclear rhetoric. Certainly there is a political element here, as they desperately try to get…