Patent Trolls- The Mafia of the Business World!

I recently read a column stating that the Google vs. Oracle Java/Android trial has cost in excess of 50 million dollars. Now, I understand the value of intellectual property being protected, the IP and patent laws originally were created to help protect and aid the process of innovation, to prevent some massive company, at least in theory, from coming along and stealing the hard work and ideas of a smaller innovator.
Unfortunately patent lawsuits are becoming more and more commonplace.  Larry Ellison and Oracle merely did a game theory calculation about the cost vs. the potential payoff, and as that had a positive expected value decided to drag Google into court, and forced the company to spend a substantial amount of resources in defending itself.
$50,000,000?  Would that might be better spent hiring engineers to create new products?  To be given to charity, to establish after school centers for impoverished youths? How about if that money is instead geared towards giving workers a raise? That's a lot of bread to give away to a bunch of overpriced fat-cat lawyers.

Video: Patent trolls Destroy the US Economy

The Patent Mafia
Welcome to the world legal Cosa Nostra; your extortion racket is a big "hit" in the 21st Century, where patent trolls raise capital to purchase and aggregate patents for the sole purpose of suing companies and extorting money from them.  What a racket.
I have spoken with a couple of high ranking officers of startups to midlevel companies and they tell me that they are continuously being hit by patent lawsuits that they describe with one word "bullshit."
In some cases they believe it's cheaper just to pay off the extortionists.  In other cases, they have to shell out ducats for mercenary lawyers to go to battle on their behalf. Sadly, the overall affect is to drag down the economy and raising the unemployment rate as companies have to pay ever increasing insurance rates and keep money in the bank to fight off the trolls rather than hiring new employees. So if pops and his wonderful resume is having a hard time finding work, maybe bashing in the head of a few IP lawyers might serve a purpose?
The Cold War
Why do you think that Google spent $12.5 billion purchasing Motorola?  Mainly for their portfolio of patents.  For large companies, it’s akin to Russia and the United States during the Cold War, each amassing an arsenal of weapons that could wipe out the world of a million times over, assuring each other of mutual destruction if the other attempted to strike first. Think of all the wasted money and resources that went into nuclear weapons!
In business today patents are the equivalent of nukes, because if you sue me, I'll sue you back.  All those billions spent really only afford Google some protection from Microsoft and Apple. As a shareholder let me utter one word, "joy."

Larry Ellison and the other trolls are merely acting in their own best selfish self interest.  Human beings adapt best to incentives, and as long as our system of law continues to allow and reward such behavior, the mafia will continue with their extortion.
Unfortunately, the mafia has deployed massive numbers of lobbyists to Washington to pressure Congress to keep the status quo.  There's simply too much money in it; after all, a troll's revenues must be protected.


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