Betting NBA Playoffs: When is the Price Too Good to Pass Up!

Part of Investing is an understanding of statistics, and when you are getting the an excellent price on your money. In this case, we can talk about Sports Gambling, as in many ways it parallels Wall Street. 

Check this: Miami on Pinnacle Sports 

NBA Series Prices 

NBA Championship Final Series Odds

Get the best NBA Championship Final Series odds for the Heat vs. Thunder.

NBA Series Prices - Best of Seven

06:00 PM871 Miami Heat-417
 872 Oklahoma City Thunder+359

you lay 4.17 to 1 and the team leading 3-1 is historically 30-0 in the NBA Finals. 

In fact, in all of NBA playoff history, only 8 teams have overcome a 3-1 deficit, 
Here is a list of the teams who have done so:
YearSeriesWinning teamLosing team
1968Eastern Division finalsBoston CelticsPhiladelpha 76ers
1970Western Division finalsLos Angeles LakersPhoenix Suns
1979Eastern Conference finalsWashington BulletsSan Antonio Spurs
1981Eastern Conference finalsBoston CelticsPhiladelpha 76ers
1995Western Conference semifinalsHouston RocketsPhoenix Suns
1997Eastern Conference semifinalsMiami HeatNew York Knicks
2003Eastern Conference 1st roundDetroit PistonsOrlando Magic
2006Western Conference 1st roundPhoenix SunsLos Angeles Lakers
Christ, at 1-4 how do you NOT bet the Heat?? I personally would rather the Thunder win it, but this price is simply too good to pass up!! 
PS- I'm not advocating you bet a lot, I'm saying historically if you got this bet, at this price, every time an NBA Series was 3-1, you'd have made a TON of money. 
It's not dissimilar to buying in at the bottom of the market, sometimes the prices are just too compelling. 

(Note: should Miami lose tonight, the they would have to win one of two games in Oklahoma City, where they will be underdogs. Nevertheless, the price is both ripe and right!)

Michael Jordan's team never overcame a 3-1 deficit
Not responsible for losses: sometimes the price is just right! 


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