Google Kicking Apple's Ass in the Cool Department

Apple is no longer the uber of cool; it's Google. In a PR stunt for the ages, Google helped build massive anticipation and buzz for a product that isn't due out for another two years, while at the same time managing to demonstrate the awesomeness of their live Hangouts feature on Google +.
Sadly, the black turtleneck is a ghost, and although that doesn't mean Apple itself is in decline, the imaginations at Google which brought this product demonstration to fruition, make even Steve Jobs best presentations look like a convention for life insurance executives.

Video: Google kicks Apple's butt in cool!

From 4,000 feet above San Francisco, a group of elite skydivers, donning Google Glass, jumped from a blimp, onto the roof of Moscone Center downtown, filming the entire event live, including their view of the ground as they descended, broadcasting LIVE via Google Hangouts.
Trained bicycle stunt riders, shuttled the product to the edge of the roof (it's a big roof), where it was handed off to several spider man who rappelled down the walls of the building, and to the convention center, finally emerging on stage.

You can see the entire video here. If you have 11 minutes to spare, its pretty freaking awesome.

By the way, the skydivers themselves were extremely excited from the experience. One stated having done their first live Hangout, with their concerned parents watching, he found it a very useful tool to show them how safe skydiving can be.
Adam Smith is probably singing in his grave (Marx rolling), as Google demonstrates the benefits of capitalism. All that money Google piles up from being able to dominate search, is being reinvested in creating this groundbreaking technology. Google uses their power, wealth, and resources to create life altering products for the good of the general population, as well reducing the costs for start-up corporation, in turn hoping the company will reaps massive rewards.
Sergey Brin wearing Google Glass

Though I'm not suggesting that each product launch has to go the way of PT Barnum, taking such a risk (according to Sergey Brin, "it could have gone wrong in 500 different ways") and being willing to take on such an expense in front of a worldwide, literally live audience, builds the cool factor and the positive association the public has with Google and their products.
The purpose of advertising is to create an unconscious positive link between the consumer and the product, and in successfully exercising this outlandish feat, Google has not only built massive anticipation for Google Glass, promoted Live Hangouts and their social network Google Plus, in a way that Facebook  could only dream of, but hugely strengthened their brand and in doing so enhanced entire lines of Google products.
I don't think that there's been a product and history of the world that has been launched or promoted in such an ingenious fashion, and as more people see the video, Google will reap the rewards across their whole family of products.
Though no one knows how much it cost to develop Google Glass, even if it doesn't pan out for some strange reason, like people not wanting to wear a cell phone around their head twenty-four hours a day for fear of brain tumors, or more private reasons, ("Honey, there's no way I'm getting naked until you take off your Google Glass!!") if Google goes down (haha), it will have gone down swinging for the fences.
As the "coolness factor" rises, so does demand for the products, and the stock, Apple being a prime example.

Personally, I'm at the edge of my seat, and it excites me to be a shareholder!!


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