Microsoft's About to Blow-up The Tablet Market (DOA)

What is Microsoft thinking? I recently read a column which stated that Microsoft intends to charge device makers $85 dollars for their Windows 8 tablet software which essentially matches the price Microsoft expects to receive for a version of the software designed for the PC, except the tablet software will come with limitations, including the inability to run Windows 7, and fewer security features.
This tells me one thing, and one thing only. Either Microsoft managers are insanely stupid, or are arrogantly predicting Windows Eight tablets are going to be the mega-bomb. We're not talking Hiroshima, we're talking Judgment Day bomb.

Video:Microsoft Tablet DOA?

Let me put this into perspective for you; Google gives away Android.  For people who are price sensitive, an Android tablet is the way to go.  Just assume for a second that device makers can use the same hardware, and create tablets able to run two different operating systems equally well. If one costs 20% more than the other, the only reason to purchase it is if the software is vastly superior. So unless Microsoft, which I am used to using, beats the pants off the Android tablet, there's little chance of many sales.
If you are familiar with Chrome versus Internet Explorer, I have genuine doubts about Microsoft being able to run ahead of Google, which seems to continually innovate and update at rates much faster than Microsoft.  
Even if the Windows 8 tablet is somehow superior to the Android, now it has to contend with the Apple's IPad on the high end.  The IPad is Primo, the top name, top dog.  Once again, Microsoft has to blow the competition out the water to have a chance of success.  How many people do you think are going to see the Microsoft tablets side by side by the IPad, even if they deeming the Windows 8 tablet slightly better (a long shot), are taking one to the cash register? Sorry, this is where name brand, marketing, and the cool factor take precedence.  Microsoft, you aren’t wearing a black turtleneck.
When Linux had Microsoft worried, as it ate into Softy's market share in netbooks, Microsoft countered this threat by lowering the price of its Windows XP OS for net books to $15, successfully squashing the threat to its operating system dominance at the time.
Windows 8 tablets?
 I bring this up to illustrate how price conscious most consumers are, especially in today’s economy, as I’m sure many readers will rightfully point out that the Ipad has come close to destroying the netbook market.
While Windows loyalists are undoubtedly excited about the possibility of having one operating system for all three devices they might own, (PC, cell phone, tablet) it seems to me that if Microsoft doesn't drop the cost of its tablets software substantially, it stands in excellent possibility of flopping on its face, Because unless Windows Eight is “the bomb,” it will be “a bomb.”  Mr. Ballmer you can avoid the shrapnel by listening to my advice. Otherwise prove me wrong.


  1. I am not MS insider but this is what I guess:

    1. MS Windows is a big division in MS and has big power, it's difficult to tell it to sell something cheaper (or free) to tablet market which will cannibalize it's established revenue.

    2. MS is aiming the corporate market first which it estimates it could swallow the higher hardware cost because corporate IT department already has all MS security and support infrastructure in place, less maintenance means less cost ongoing, which might make sense for a corporate instead of having more staff to set up support for iPad or android which is totally different than what it has before.

    3. Having said the above, I hear that Windows 8 is a meh meh and if this cannot drive adoption, the whole MS revenue (not just tablet strategy) will be at risk, ie a bigger bomb.

    1. Ben, as usual this is very well said. You're a very sharp thinker, And every time you have something to say I very much look forward to it

  2. Microsoft's "monopoly" isn't going to work so well anymore.
    Microsofts software historically was often 'buggy' and they were rarely the true innovators. They got going in business, not just by a mistake in an overly generous contract by IBM, but also by bundling with sales of computers by the IBM Clone Computer makers, cheap imitations of Word Perfect brand and Accounting Software others had sold as stand-alone businesses. But now MSFT is up against APPLE on the one hand with software that has less bugs and is easier to use, and Google on the other hand which has beat them at cheaper software, since GOOG makes its money from the Ads, gives the software away (like the old TV broadcasting business).

    The world has suffered with crappy Microsoft Software for too long, which is why we had in the past Windows 95, Windows 98 editions 1 & 2, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista....etc... etc. BECAUSE IT DIDN'T WORK TOO WELL THE FIRST TIME.

    MSFT is the General Motors of the PC Industry, making substandard products, which freeze up, or brake down too often, to make you have to buy another too soon.

    Good Riddance to the Microsoft Monopoly.


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