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Seeking Alpha Sucks to Write For- They Are Morally Corrupt

I wanted to share with you potential writers out there, after a long time dealing with Seeking Alpha, how they are keeping my columns on their website without having paid me. This is my letter to the managing editor, George Moriarty, explaining why I think they are wrong, and dealing with me completely unfairly.

I write this to you personally. I will be brief, re-explain a few points, then ask for an explanation. 
Last year I published several columns, was paid by Alpha. Fine.  Then I published two columns on Netflix.  About the same time (maybe before, not sure of the exact timing, I began my own blog. Absolutely unwittingly, not knowing your rules about not publishing on one's own blog, I took my columns and published them. Months and months after they became useful to Alpha.  Right before payments, in order to get to $100, I published an article about Nokia. 
Then, I received a note saying that my Nokia column wa…