Seeking Alpha Sucks to Write For- They Are Morally Corrupt

I wanted to share with you potential writers out there, after a long time dealing with Seeking Alpha, how they are keeping my columns on their website without having paid me. This is my letter to the managing editor, George Moriarty, explaining why I think they are wrong, and dealing with me completely unfairly.

I write this to you personally. I will be brief, re-explain a few points, then ask for an explanation. 

Last year I published several columns, was paid by Alpha. Fine. 
Then I published two columns on Netflix. 
About the same time (maybe before, not sure of the exact timing, I began my own blog. Absolutely unwittingly, not knowing your rules about not publishing on one's own blog, I took my columns and published them. Months and months after they became useful to Alpha. 
Right before payments, in order to get to $100, I published an article about Nokia. 

Then, I received a note saying that my Nokia column was taken down because it had been published on my blog. I was also accused of possible plagarism despite stating that I had gotten the material I was quoting from a website and identified the source. That of course sat poorly with me. 
Also, the other posts I had written that I had republished on my blog were taken down, with the exception on the column on gold which for some reason was taken off premium content. 

I had not republished my Netflix columns on my website, those stayed in premium along with with my Google column. 
Since then I passed $100 owed. I was not paid. I was given the explanation that I would have to make-up the money I was paid previously before I could be paid. 

#1- you received all the benfits from the columns and more I wasn't paid for when they were 100% exclusive to Aplha. 
#2- posting them on my blog is a minor infraction, deserving of a warning and a request to tale them down. I really didn't know. 
#3- I requested that all my columns be taken off the Alpha site. You have not paid me fr them, you don't own the copyright. 
#4- You of course could legitimately decide not to pay me from the time I placed these columns on my website. It's not something I would do as managing editor, but it is completely defensible. What is not defensible is not to pay for columns that were premium content, that did not appear on my website, saying I had to make-up the money from other AND then keep them up when I ask you to take them down. 
#5- taking the gold column from premium, and not paying me for continued hits to it. is flat out criminal even if a judge ruled I should make-up the money. That is at best equivalent to me putting the columns I wrote on my blog, in violation of your terms and conditions. 

You have made money from my columns. Not paying me for columns I spent a lot of time writing, AND then refusing to, after I requested it, to take down from your website columns which were not in violation of your terms and conditions which I haven't been paid for is morally repugnant in my mind. 
I therefore kindly ask you to see this all from my position, and how you might feel. If you would like to explain to me your position and justification of all this, as perhaps there is something I am not understanding from your viewpoint, I would like to know. 
And I don't know if legally your actions are correct or not for sure. I do know that morally, with each interaction, they seem more and more askew. 

I am perfectly willing to spend $1,000 + to sue for my copyright, and maybe even for my money I believe I am owed. I hope you understand that my association with Alpha has grown increasingly negative, and that I will go out of my way in discussing with other writers what has taken place here, and take pleasure in sending them elsewhere so that they don't have to deal with such things. 

I know this is a very minor minor thing for you in running this business, but for me it is a growing infection that at this moment wants to be treated with the antibiotic of justice. 
please let me know. 
Sincerely yours


  1. Seeking alpha is complicit in allowing manipulative research on the site. See this site for more:


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