Why Apple MUST Enter The Wearable Computing Marketplace- but can take it's time

The Google head of tech predicted that given the rate which computing power rises as the space needed to house it diminishes, 30 years from now we will have robots the size of red blood cells running around our system debugging and fixing cells that are out of whack, potentially giving us close to eternal life. 
That is, perhaps, the ultimate vision of the wearable market.
Between now and then there is soooo much room. Today wearable computing are akin to the cell phones from the 1980's (the type you saw Gordon Gecko using at the beach in Wall Street.) Pieces of hardware with few functions.
Fast forward and contrast this with today's smart phones and their immense capabilities. 

Think of all the $$ made and wealth they have created for society in the meantime. 
There will be many bad products, numerous companies that fall by the way side, but in the end, wearable computing will transform the world as we know it. 
I guarantee you Apple is putting a lot of R+D into wearables, as are the other large tech companies.

The question becomes, when will Apple release their product. Hopefully when only when it is ready, much like the original iPhone. Look for wearables to be a HUGE trend going forward.


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