Bearish on Apple Stock? - You're Looking in the Rear View Mirror

Bearish pundits of Apple stock often analyze the numbers and point to increased competition in the smart phone and tablet space. They are right in what they say, but they don't present a complete picture. They primarily look in the rear view mirror.
Rarely do these "backward thinkers" and I mean that literally, include the possibility that Apple might have already created a new and novel product that they will unleash.
Eventually most new awesome products become commoditized. Look at the HP Laser Jet which sold for thousands of dollars in 1980, and that's in 1980's dollars. A smaller, faster, much better laser printer today costs $150 or something in 2014 dollars.
Innovation is the key to growth and maintaining the brand. Steve Jobs predicted it would take 5 years for the competition to catch up to Apple after the release of the iPhone (which it has largely) so to have your bearish thesis be solely that the space is being commoditized, which it is, and cast a blind eye that a company will be innovating, and including the probability of this is pure folly.


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