How Google got Driverless Cars on the Road + Why Google Will be World's Most Dominant Company in a Decade

Currently in Vegas working at Starbucks on Google Internet. SOOOOOOO much faster and superior to that Shitty AT+T service they still offer at the one I frequent in LA. Love how companies think they can offer crappy service and retain hearts and minds, this is why competition rocks.
I am all about Google and have been since '09. Watch what happens when the driverless car comes out. And in case you're following, here is a really good article for you about how Google managed to hurdle the normal BS legislative process to get Driverless Cars on the road.

Unless idiot lawmakers and special interests put in un-hurldlable  roadblocks, Google will be the world's most dominant company in a decade, and the American leader in robotics. Kudos to the politicians/ govt workers represented in this column.
Let's hope all this technology like drones and robots benefits mankind, and that not for evil (like Islamic extremists getting hold of easy use technology to spread their vitriolic ideas via fear and violence)

Again, here is the article, and it makes a compelling read--

Enjoy and prosper.


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