Is There Any Chance Apple Might Drop Pandora from iOS?

A columnist I generally enjoy, Rocco Pendola of the TheStreet today suggested that there is an outside chance Apple might drop Pandora from the app store to bolster iTunes Radio. Would they ever do so?
Aside of the fact that Apple generates income from Pandora when someone becomes a premium subscriber, which is no doubt a drop in overall Apple revenues, the notion is absolutely ludicrous.
People would migrate to Android out of protest, Apple would lose much of the goodwill they've built and built and built for years. The ability to drop a company you decided to go to competition with from your platform would very likely attract government anti-trust. The media would paint Apple as evil and ruthless. This idea is a complete non-starter.

It’s always good to think differently, try to predict various possible outcomes, but the negative ramifications of this idea so far outweigh the positives it is a joke.


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