The iWatch and Wearables- the first steps Towards Human Immortality

The first wearable computers, the Nike Fuel Band, Jawbone, and the Samsung Gear have largely been duds, with Nike announcing it would stop producing the Fuel Band altogether.
Meanwhile, Apple die-hards and the investment community eagerly await Apple Inc’s first foray into the wearable marketplace.

Round 1 of Wearable Computing
The first round of the wearable marketplace battle appears to won be Pebble’s watch, according to Forbes for simple reasons such as long lasting battery life, which Samsung lacked, and the ability to be useful for multiple applications, unlike the Nike fuel band.The release of iWatch, or whatever Apple has under-wraps, might fare no better. 
Eventually however, the right combination of useful applications (not just heartbeat rate) will be unearthed, and have a similar effect as the revolutionary iPhone did in the world of smartphones, spurring massive numbers of sales and intrigue into the wearable space. 
There will undoubtedly be a tremendous amount of money made and lost here, and no doubt some companies will score big and reap enormous profits.

The Ultimate Vision of Wearable Computing
The ultimate vision of wearable computing, according to Google’s technology chief, will be be achieved when the space needed to house ever increasing computing power decreases to the point when microscopic/nano computers will be inserted inside human beings and navigate around our blood stream, communicating with our cells to repair them if they “go on the fritz” debugging them with "new directions" much in the same way computer coders fix software glitches. Perhaps the intelligence of the human body is in fact comprised of just 1’s and 0’s.
Google predicts this will take place within the next 30 years. Will computers ultimately be able to cure cancer? It certainly is a possibility.
Regardless, whatever arrives in this round of wearables, one thing for certain, they are here to stay and companies will continue their furious pace of innovation. We already know the ultimate goal.


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