Apple Crushing Android?? Not likely Amigo. Not likely at all

A pundit recently wrote the Apple was going to crush Android and cites Tim Cook's statement made at the latest WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) that "130 million bought a new iPhone."
Incredible?? Undoubtedly awesome for Apple shareholders, but let's look a little deeper. 

 WHERE? Where were these phones purchased? Probably a good percentage were bought in China with the new carrier China Mobile and the Japanese carrier (NTT DOCMO) which recently added the iPhone to the menu. Using the 4S as an entry level phone certainly might have pulled some in India into the "halo." All this is great for me as an Apple shareholder.

But to think that Android will be destroyed is utter nonsense. The phones being designed my Motorola,  the Motorola E have gotten really reviews as "amazing" for the price. There will ALWAYS be price conscious shoppers. 
Yes, Apple will sell to people who want the best, and have an greater percentage of affluent customers, but Android has largely caught up, perhaps in some respects passed Apple.
Jobs stated it would take 5 years for other companies to catch up to Apple, and that has largely happened. Android is going nowhere. No chance, no way, no how. 
Apple's future growth lies in new product categories, with the iPhone as an overpriced cash cow. The point here is to think critically about braggadocios surprising statements, and not take them at face value.  


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