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More on Microsoft and the negative associations formed by Windows 8

Just to further illustrate the logic behind my view as a consumer about Microsoft products. Posting this on as well. 
I paid $550 for the new PC. I upgraded the RAM significantly and took a smaller screen. 
I have just over 2 hours of battery life. A Macbook Air has a legit 9 hours. This is a huge difference, especially when traveling.  The Macbook Air, costs $300 more, but comes with iWorks. I would have to spend $100 for an Office license, which so far I have resisted. That combined with the additional battery life, make Apple the superior choice.  Also, despite being less than 2 months old, the computers buttons sometimes don't work, same with the mouse response. I'm not 100% sure whether this is HP's fault, or the software, a combination (as they work when I restart/hibernate the computer) but it DOES affect my association with Microsoft's product. If it was Apple, I'd know for sure whom to blame or give credit to. 
In terms of details, I have to d…

Sell Microsoft- Losing Whatever Mind share it has Left

While I do believe that MSFT will survive in some form over the long term, my recent experiences with my new Windows 8.1 laptop pretty much assures that my next one will be a Mac. I still haven't made the switch to the cult of Mac, hanging on partly to what is familiar, partly to more storage, and the ability to put an SD Card with photos  while traveling into my computer. 
However, I have zero affinity for Microsoft products even though I've used them my whole life. They do a poor job with the details (see Vista, Windows 8).  Apple, as we know does a tremendous job with the details (save the original fiasco of Apple Maps, and their ingenuity makes their brand incredibly popular.  Google, might not get everything right at first, but when there are changes to be made, they normally fix the bugs/ reverse course quickly.  While obviously MSFT leads in enterprise, and they have some inertia here, making it hard for businesses to escape the gravitational pull, that can change very …