Sell Microsoft- Losing Whatever Mind share it has Left

While I do believe that MSFT will survive in some form over the long term, my recent experiences with my new Windows 8.1 laptop pretty much assures that my next one will be a Mac. I still haven't made the switch to the cult of Mac, hanging on partly to what is familiar, partly to more storage, and the ability to put an SD Card with photos  while traveling into my computer. 

However, I have zero affinity for Microsoft products even though I've used them my whole life. They do a poor job with the details (see Vista, Windows 8). 
Apple, as we know does a tremendous job with the details (save the original fiasco of Apple Maps, and their ingenuity makes their brand incredibly popular. 
Google, might not get everything right at first, but when there are changes to be made, they normally fix the bugs/ reverse course quickly. 
While obviously MSFT leads in enterprise, and they have some inertia here, making it hard for businesses to escape the gravitational pull, that can change very quickly.

As President of a small Company, I am looking for reasons to change. We might not be Proctor and Gamble in terms of my needs and legacy, but the fact that I will likely switch personally and in business, makes it very likely others are doing/ feeling the same way. 

Additionally, Microsoft recently announced sun $100 laptops. They used to get what, $100 per Windows lisence. That was back when they had a monopoly. With increased offerings from both Apple and Google, those hefty profit margins will disappear pretty quickly, 

Microsoft hasn't exactly used shareholder money in great ways. The Skype purchase which came to nearly 9 billion dollars, will never pay for itself. What's App allows me to send text messages for free to anyone using the increasingly popular service, which is something that I used to pay Skype/Microsoft money for. 
Google Voice let's me make calls cheaper than Skype. Microsoft lowered prices for calls to compete. 
Viber let's me make the calls for free. That's 9 billion, largely down the drain (though not completely as it does strengthen Softy's ecosystem) but Largely. 

For these simple reasons, and the recently elevated Microsoft share prices, I am selling my remaining holdings in the company. Unless they come out with some super novel product, their margins will drop significantly on Windows and Office which represent 90% plus of their profit margins. 
Time to sell Microsft. 


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