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Will Apple and Google Take Enterprise Market Share from Microsoft?

I recently snake the f ollowing  conversation about Whether Microsoft's enterprise market share Would be devoured by Google and Apple. While the ar
Him: Start-ups take advantage of free services, like Google mail, but your small sampling of mid-sized business email fails to show Microsoft's dominance, That exists and its not just email, but Windows and the Office suite That Google has no chance of changing. Face it, Google is an internet advertising company, That gives away open source software and services, in order to sell ads and is not even a contender in the business market.
Me: I genuinely think this will change. Adopt Google As people more and more in Their private lives, the advantage Microsoft has entrenched in enterprise will erode. Right now corporate IT heads from companies That have been around for 30 years (and I'm assuming the majority of the Fortune 50 are) know of little else. 
This will change, and one major difference is That while not perfect, Google g…