Will Apple and Google Take Enterprise Market Share from Microsoft?

I recently snake the f ollowing  conversation about Whether Microsoft's enterprise market share Would be devoured by Google and Apple. While the ar

Him: Start-ups take advantage of free services, like Google mail, but your small sampling of mid-sized business email fails to show Microsoft's dominance, That exists and its not just email, but Windows and the Office suite That Google has no chance of changing. Face it, Google is an internet advertising company, That gives away open source software and services, in order to sell ads and is not even a contender in the business market.

Me: I genuinely think this will change. Adopt Google As people more and more in Their private lives, the advantage Microsoft has entrenched in enterprise will erode. Right now corporate IT heads from companies That have been around for 30 years (and I'm assuming the majority of the Fortune 50 are) know of little else. 
This will change, and one major difference is That while not perfect, Google gets better everyday With their offerings, and people that use notice. Microsoft, what Did they turn, Regress with crappy Windows 8 (Blegh!)

    Him: "Companies with any size try to Avoid risk and using Google for anything other than the the search, Brings with it a Tremendous Amount of security risk. Google is now the worlds leading promoter of of malware and viruses, That makes it a very risky choice for business. "

    Me: what you say is hard to disagree with, and makes sense. My point, and Also Rocco's, Is that you skate where the puck is going as Gretzky said was the key to his success in hockey. You are accurately where the puck is now, and as I Stated above
    Consistently the first Google gets better. Take the Chrome browser for instance. I was using IE for a long time, but at some point downloaded Chrome When My Life Became Googlefied thanks to my Android phone. i could not help but notice how superior it was That I, and how much Microsoft lags behind and imitates. 

    Second MSFT absolutely blew it in the smart phone market. Bill Gates predicted the emergence of the smart phone LONG before Apple came out with it. Microsoft lagged behind so so badly behind Bill's vision it's sick, and I say this as someone who was a long time MSFT shareholder. 

    3rd Eventually Consumers' preferences in Their private lives Affects How they run Their business. If I'm in charge of a 30 person operation, and everyone wants to use Their iPhone for Business Purposes, and I like my iPhone, well, let's at Least check into the Risks. 

    4th Microsoft was / is the default for corporate IT heads. Probably Because it is deemed safest. Eventually all the things I Stated above catch up and erode this dominance, partly at minimum.  Bottom line is MSFT has to alter the trajectory of this game, or Rocco is right, They will be overrun by Google + Apple

    Bottom Line: The argument here does not matter, nor Necessarily does it make a difference WHO will be proven right. The important takeaway That it is looking at how things are now and assuming the status quo will Remain the same investment in the future is death . 
    Think about the Blackberry and Their dominance in the enterprise cell phone market Which Would people assumed last, and did not give Apple's innovative iPhone any chance of penetrating. 
    Think of the Soviet Union in 1980. Entrenched An Empire That Would Last Forever Would pundits say. 
    People buying houses in 2005, 2006, and 2007 - prices are only going up, right? 

    The list goes on, the takeaway here is to be Able to w trends and variables that might change the equation before they play out. Skate to where the puck is going, not where it is. 


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