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Here's Why Apple Pay Will Catch on Quickly with Consumers

The simple reason why Apple Pay will catch on is a new pain introduced to consumers which will create adoption at a much quicker level. 

Most analysts discuss the slowing adoption of Apple Pay, but recent changes in US Law are making it necessary to read chips on the credit cards, which takes longer at checkout (substantially longer given the time sensitive society we live in) 
Apple Pay offers security via biometrics and tokenization and consumers will have new reasons to take the plunge and adopt Apple Pay.

Simple Thoughts on The Greek Bailout and Coming Grekexit

·Greece should have never become a member of the Eurozone.  They were inducted based on lies about their finances. ·The imposed austerity was incompatible with Greek culture and the underdeveloped state of their institutions, such as tax collection, leading to serious economic contraction and very high unemployment ·Just as some positive results were being realized, the Greeks lost patience and voted in a hard-left government which promised no more austerity, but continued Eurozone membership ·Said government negotiated with the EU disruptively and undiplomatically, then held a confusing referendum on an expired proposal, after the current aid program expired, while defaulting on its IMF payment ·After the referendum overwhelmingly rejected austerity terms by 61%, the Greeks return with proposals on Tuesday ·The Eurozone and the EU, both voluntary clubs, can only exist if the member states adhere to rules affecting their sovereignty, which are more important than any single state that want…

Stick a Fork in Pandora Music or Hope She gets Sold

If you're an owner of Pandora music, consider selling, or at least create an altar and start praying for a buyout. The former disrupter and industry leader in streaming radio has largely failed to expand its offerings, and is finally facing competition from the only two true mobile heavyweights, Google and Apple; in a major way.

Threat Google
Google, has introduced free radio, very similar to Pandora's offerings, except without commercials for their Android operating system. I've been listening to Pandora for years, but as I write this, Google Music plays through my headphones. Even with Pandora's Music Genome project, which might curate slightly better songs with all the data they have collected, (and I'm not even sure about that, and even if so, Google will, as always, be getting better and better) there simply is no reason to listen to Pandora for me or any other user. You get nearly the same service, without the annoying commercial interruptions.
Now, I am sure …

Why the Apple Watch will be a Hit. Flop Not

I keep seeing analysts coming on CNBC arguing/ positioning themselves, making a case why the Apple Watch will be a flop. The reasons are largely the same- the technology isn't ready, the battery has the potential to run out in 2.5 hours if used continually, a lack of interest amongst those originally polled who stated they would be interested in the watch, that it will only be Apple loyalists (of which there are plenty) who will drive initial sales, etc etc. This is all in juxtaposition to CEO Tim Cook's actions and words. He's continually expressing the utmost confidence in the watch, stating he couldn't imagine life without it, stating that its capabilities will far surpass what we're expecting.

When Apple fell following a quarterly report deemed “lackluster” by Wall Street, and Apple fell precipitously to a post-split $72 a share (about $500 then,) Cook used Apple's massive treasury to buy back a ton of shares. He stated, and I'm paraphrasing, “I'…

Why Microsoft is Giving Away Windows 10 for free- Mobile

It would appear that Microsoft's monopoly like stranglehold and moat surrounding its Windows operating system has been largely penetrated by Apple's iOS and Google's Android . In order to combat this incursion, and be kept from becoming a footnote in the annals of tech history, Microsoft will be giving away its upcoming Windows 10 operating system as a free upgrade.
Obviously this forgoes the revenue which each former new version of its OS has reaped for Mr. Softy.
Some shareholders might be scratching their heads or calling foul. Upon analysis, this is the best move Mr Softy could make. The truth is that this is the necessary step for Microsoft for three reasons.

1) many users who upgrade to Windows 8 are less than happy about their decision to do so. For example, right now I have to reinstall the operating system on my computer in order to "re-image" it as the wireless system is not functioning properly. There a zillion other reasons why consumers wouldn't …

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How Much Will Google Pay to Be on Apple's Default Search Engine?

Yahoo stole some market share from Google by getting (outbidding) Mozilla to switch their default search engine setting on its Firefox Browser from Google to Yahoo.  Yes, of course you can still manually switch back or go to and search, but people have gotten used to just typing what they're searching for directly into their address bar of their browser (an advent of Google in their Chrome browser since imitated by all.) Soon Google's contract with Apple to be the default setting on its Safari browser (both for mobile and desktop) will be expiring and Microsoft and Yahoo are both attempting to steal this lucrative spot away from Google. At stake are the generally upscale Safari users on Apple iPhones and iPads, an audience that in the U.S. accounts for 69% of all tablet users and 50% of all mobile users.
A bidding war between three deep treasure chests (Microsoft, Yahoo, Google) means the obvious winner here is Apple, and with Big G wanting to maintain the ubiquit…

Hope That Google Stock Falls-- Then BUY!

Google has the chance to become the world's most dominant company in the next ten year's if it isn't already. The stock is not cheap right now, trading @ 27 times current earnings, and currently dropping in price at least in part because Mozilla replaced Google with the Yahoo as it's default search engine for its Firefox browser, costing Google market share in the most recent report. (duh?)

Naturally, analysts who have to say something all the time went into an uproar about how this could be an emerging downward trend for Google, and point out the fact that Apple is thinking about replacing Google as the default search engine in the iPhone, and with Facebook's graph search coming out, and people shopping first at Amazon rather than Google as a way to BUY (hear those $$ signs?) Products, yaddah yaddah yaddah ...
And yes, Google generates most of its profits from search, and many analysts believe Google to be a one trick pony.
Yes, a company with hugely profitable bu…

Why Many American Colleges Will Be Going Out of Business- Student Loan Bubble

Looking for trends.
In recent years the price of college has increased dramatically. Tuitions have largely outpaced inflation, and the average student loan debt of 4 year graduates of schools for those reporting their figures was nearly $30,000. Of course, many for profit colleges  did not disclose student debt loads. I can only assume the real number is higher. Increased student debt is ever increasing economic burden, affecting decision making by graduates. Instead of purchasing a new car or house, they're paying off interest and principal, which is willingly provided by creditors as the loans are guaranteed by the federal government. Now, in many countries education is financed entirely by the government but the competition to get into the Universities is fierce. The fact that the American government guarantees student loans means that almost anyone who wants to can "afford" school, which democratizes higher education and offers anyone in society upward mobili…