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Why Microsoft is Giving Away Windows 10 for free- Mobile

It would appear that Microsoft's monopoly like stranglehold and moat surrounding its Windows operating system has been largely penetrated by Apple's iOS and Google's Android . In order to combat this incursion, and be kept from becoming a footnote in the annals of tech history, Microsoft will be giving away its upcoming Windows 10 operating system as a free upgrade.
Obviously this forgoes the revenue which each former new version of its OS has reaped for Mr. Softy.
Some shareholders might be scratching their heads or calling foul. Upon analysis, this is the best move Mr Softy could make. The truth is that this is the necessary step for Microsoft for three reasons.

1) many users who upgrade to Windows 8 are less than happy about their decision to do so. For example, right now I have to reinstall the operating system on my computer in order to "re-image" it as the wireless system is not functioning properly. There a zillion other reasons why consumers wouldn't …

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How Much Will Google Pay to Be on Apple's Default Search Engine?

Yahoo stole some market share from Google by getting (outbidding) Mozilla to switch their default search engine setting on its Firefox Browser from Google to Yahoo.  Yes, of course you can still manually switch back or go to and search, but people have gotten used to just typing what they're searching for directly into their address bar of their browser (an advent of Google in their Chrome browser since imitated by all.) Soon Google's contract with Apple to be the default setting on its Safari browser (both for mobile and desktop) will be expiring and Microsoft and Yahoo are both attempting to steal this lucrative spot away from Google. At stake are the generally upscale Safari users on Apple iPhones and iPads, an audience that in the U.S. accounts for 69% of all tablet users and 50% of all mobile users.
A bidding war between three deep treasure chests (Microsoft, Yahoo, Google) means the obvious winner here is Apple, and with Big G wanting to maintain the ubiquit…