The Easiest, Guaranteed 100% per Annum Investment You Can Make

Look, so often as investors we think about making the next investment that will reap a fantastic return, a miss-priced security, an opportunity which others don't see.
Yet, sometimes the easiest and best investments we can make are literally sitting under our noses. What if I could tell you an investment that after two years, you'd be guaranteed a 100% return on your investment, and 100% per annum after that?
Warren Buffett says the first rule of investing is not to lose money. Rule #2 is to follow rule #1.
Further, as this is investment is in the form of savings, as a private citizen you're actually saving more than 100% as it's after tax income that remains in your bank account. Intrigued? What is it already?

BUY your own cable modem. If you live in the US I'm assuming you have Time Warner, Charter, Comcast etc. providing you internet service. What you might not know is that you're likely renting a cable modem from them for a "low" monthly fee which might be $8 a month plus taxes. That's over $100 a year.
buy your own cable modem for a guaranteed return
So, merely buy your own cable modem. (check with your provider which match) but you can easily buy a good one for under $100. So, let's very conservative, the first year you get your money back, the second year, you have doubled your savings, the third year tripled, and if you're modem lasts, you make 100% per year you own it.
So, stop the leaks from your bank account, and given the tax situation a penny saved is Greater than a penny earned, and go spend that $100 a year on something fun, or put it to work for you by investing it in Google or a low cost market index fund. (I'll go with Google)


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