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Why the Apple Watch will be a Hit. Flop Not

I keep seeing analysts coming on CNBC arguing/ positioning themselves, making a case why the Apple Watch will be a flop. The reasons are largely the same- the technology isn't ready, the battery has the potential to run out in 2.5 hours if used continually, a lack of interest amongst those originally polled who stated they would be interested in the watch, that it will only be Apple loyalists (of which there are plenty) who will drive initial sales, etc etc. This is all in juxtaposition to CEO Tim Cook's actions and words. He's continually expressing the utmost confidence in the watch, stating he couldn't imagine life without it, stating that its capabilities will far surpass what we're expecting.

When Apple fell following a quarterly report deemed “lackluster” by Wall Street, and Apple fell precipitously to a post-split $72 a share (about $500 then,) Cook used Apple's massive treasury to buy back a ton of shares. He stated, and I'm paraphrasing, “I'…