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Achieving Financial Freedom + Greater Free Time- Simple Strategies

I was speaking to a friend today who finds the accumulation of money a touch mystifying. He wondered why I had the ability to travel as frequently as I do, and asked me if I had any tips.  Believing the information applies to everyone, from every country, I thought it would be beneficial to use the magic of the internet to distribute. (to that end, if you feel someone would benefit, you're free to re-share).
First off, like most of us, upon graduating college I had nothing in the bank. True, I did not have student loans, but I started from essentially zero. Here are my strategies for building a nest egg.  My Goal was Freedom of time.Material objects mean very little to me beyond the basics. As of this writing I drive a 12 year old Prius, live in a cheap apartment (relatively speaking as it is in a nice area of LA) and really the only thing I splurge on is the occasional last second airline ticket.  When my friends ask me to consult, to "Richify" their life, I divide our plan…