Big Data is Electric - Who Is Set to Win the Data + Cloud Wars

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Section I: what Big Data is, Who Makes Money off it, and how it Affects YOU
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The question paramount to investors once they understand the exponential growth and importance of Big Data: who wins?
First- Humanity Wins.
From helping make more of efficient use of natural resources, to easing the burden on healthcare resources, to, in the end, robotics and A/I which will satisfy humanity's every whim, creating a virtual utopia, before finally morphing into a sentient destructive computer-overlord.
Until then, what horses should you back in the stock market so that you're a multi-millionaire when Skynet launches the nukes. (on the off-hand chance you get to take it with you.)

To answer this I wish to make two distinctions between oft used analogy "Data is New Oil"
1. While oil has a fixed supply, data is being generated at an ever increasing rate.
2. While petroleum has a fixed potential energy, the value of data decreases as time progresses. Examples: micro-second trading purposes at the big banks, uncovering the location of a fugitive from his electronic activity, or responding to the inquiry of a sales prospect, the faster you can make sense and act on the data being generated the more valuable it is. This begs the question-

Could Big Data Be Electric?
Imagine a giant waterfall with the flow of water (data) moving at ever increasing speeds (larger bandwidth capabilities) and volume (more and more being generated) over a cliff. Right at this point you are able to install a turbine (cloud computing platform.) Now, the more data you have, the better your algorithms become, the more you are able to make sense of the data (generate power.)
You can then send that "power" out to your customers who will use it to generate more sales, make their businesses more efficient, etc.

Who Has an Electric Plant on the Waterfall?
Now, while all the big players have a ton of data flowing in, there are really are two companies that are situated on the best real estate, atop the giant waterfall of data if you will.
The first is Facebook, with their users often updating their status with major life events before informing their partners, parents, or children. The company knows more than anyone about a given individual, able to predict zillions of things from the data gained from the interactions on their platform. As their traffic and user base grows, so does their data.

The second, and by far the best horse to bet on in the cloud/ data wars: Google. 
Not only do they own control 66% of the world's search queries and many of the world's used email addresses, but possibly more importantly, have their Android software on 80% of the world's smart phones. The gush of continual information Google has is astounding.
Without a doubt, the company controls the greatest share of the world's data right now.
Video: Why Google will win the cloud computing wars

Why This Matters
All else equal, Microsoft or IBM would have the advantage in the cloud because of their long standing relationships with so many companies. Enterprises renting space on this massive hardware will be thrilled to run at the same scale as Microsoft or Google, but as most of them don't need 10% of what the these behemoths offer, the extra bells and whistles won't make that much difference.
While at present, one of the primary purposes of getting onto the cloud is to securely store data and have access to it at great speed, in the near future the main reason will be to organize, sort, and make sense of the data.
Thus what will differentiate one cloud computing service from another are the algorithms offered by the host to make to help perform this task.
Again, the more data you feed into your system the better your algorithms become. Thus, those who control the flow of data ... will have the best algorithms, and as mentioned above, Google has by far the most data.
The algorithms developed will be the ultimate determinate of the cloud computing wars and despite being a distant third by current metrics to Amazon and Microsoft, Google has a tremendous opportunity to overtake the current giants of the cloud.

Big data is Electric and it's going to jolt the world.

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  2. Hi, glad you enjoyed. Yes, I have a separate channel for the financial ones.


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