Amazon's Valuation Showing Signs of Bubbling After the Whole Foods Acquisition

Okay, so Amazon buys a company (Whole Foods) at a decent premium to its current valuation, and their valuation goes up.
In fact, market capitalization increased by more than $30 billion on the day the Whole Foods acquisition was announced; more than double the grocery chain's price tag, largely attributed to investor enthusiasm over the deal.
That's like me, a vaunted real estate developer, paying 20% above market price for a property and investors immediately saying, "He's such a genius! We're going to pay Twice what he paid for the property."
Now, granted Amazon is obviously large, and the amount paid for Whole Foods not earth shattering in relation to its valuation, but this doesn't take  away from the fact this action in the stock is seriously Bubbly. 
There are two possibilities: all these so-called brilliant analysts completely missed this possibility and are now falling over themselves to properly valuate Amazon shares as it gobbles up Whole Foods OR ...
Investors are worshipping at the altar of God Bezos who can do no wrong and sending out Bubble Waves through the market, willing to pay an ever increasing premium for shares.

And it's not that Amazon isn't a great company, or exquisitely well run, it's that as expectations get loftier, hiccups result in a rapidly deflating bubble. Whole Foods has always been known as Whole Paycheck, and new buyers of Amazon stock are paying similar premiums for the combined companies.


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