An Example of How The BlockChain will Spur Economies in Eastern Europe + other Corrupt Countries

Eastern Europe has long been a haven for organized crime and relative lawlessness, and a notoriously risky and difficult place to do business.
I was in the Ukraine and can recount a young businessman describing why, despite the need and overwhelming desire from the country's citizens for foreign investment, next to none was taking place. He then explained why any company that did, would be crazy (or stupid) to do so.
"Let's say you and I wanted to start a hotel, a serious investment which takes a lot of planning, money, and a ten year forecast. So we get the financing together, we bribe all the necessary officials, we get our deed to the land, and we start work. A year later, our hotel almost done, some local "businessman" shows up with the exact same deed to the land, only it says it is from one day earlier than ours. We go to court with all our documents, evidence, and high priced lawyers, but it makes no difference, we lose the case and our investment. The government, the lack of certainty and rules, makes it impossible to create any serious investment."

The chilling amount of uncertainty brought by the cold shadow of corruption makes it all but impossible to do business, and if transacted, at a Much higher cost. The percentage of the investment pie taken by the scammers/mafia/government (all the same thing in Eastern Europe) is vast. 

Now, with the Blockchain, and thousands of different independent nodes on the Internet verifying the title and The Chain of ownership it becomes impossible, even in a vastly corrupt system for the scammers/mafia/government (Editors note: Rich doesn't think much of the governments of Eastern Europe does he?) to come and in "legally" (note the quotes) confiscate the land/ assets. Something so easily verifiable wouldn't stand-up in world court, in public opinion, and frankly no one would stand for it if the corrupt called the sky brown which is tantamount to contradicting the blockchain. 
Video: How blockchain will spur economic activity by reducing corruption

Thus, the blockchain will spur investment by releasing the hand of the fraudsters from the economic purse-strings. The portion of the pie formerly gobbled by the wicked will now be handed the newly employed construction workers erecting the hotel, those maids, clerks, and management within it, and the travelers whose stay will be cheaper due to the lowered costs and increased competition, etc. etc. 

By building trust and efficiency the blockchain will spur economies world wide. This is but one, though hopefully salient, of thousands of possible examples of the benefits the blockchain will bring people around the world. 


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