Russia Disrupted US Elections to Fast Forward Global Warming + generate an Oil Windfall

Capitalism 101- Final Exam

Q: Russia's owner Vladimir Putin (a self-described humble public employee who lives off his meager government salary,) is looking to maximize profit. Explain, in economic terms, why hacking the American election and disseminating fake-news in favor of one candidate, might help get Vladimir the 500 ruble a month raise he has requested from his fellow Russian oligarchs shareholders.  

A: The Arctic Ocean is host to vast untapped oil reserves and minerals below a surface that for eons has been covered in ice. As global warming speeds up, and the sea ice recedes, suddenly previous untouchable resources open up.
Due to her geography and sheer size, Mother Russia holds more rights to the Arctic Ocean area than any other country, thus making it in her interest to see the ice melt away enabling drilling for oil and gas before the resources are replaced by renewable energy, and lose their value.
Additionally, Mother Russia is not exactly the warmest place on the earth, both in terms of its downtrodden subjects, no, wrong word, serfs, er ... let's not make waves, people. As the climate warms, the winters are less harsh, and areas that formerly were covered in perma-frost have the potential to become arable land, further raising economic output.
Of the two US candidates, the Orange One calls climate science "a farce" and vows to withdraw from climate accords because the only thing he is interested in is his short-term bottom line, while Hill-dog not only has a seemingly more sensible approach to global warming, but frankly, has said some unflattering things about us.
So, being the good Communist nation that we are where we put the collective first As a capitalist country, who looks out for their interests first (much like Captain Trump) economically speaking, the choice of candidate and thus political scheming seems clear.
Video: the economic incentive for Vlad to put Trump into power

Basically, our friend Vladamir realizes that Russia's previously un-tappable reserves are in a hundred billion dollar race against advances in renewable energy (likely to the point where future expected revenues drop below the extraction costs) and thus the sooner I can get my hands on those assets, the more likely Russia Inc. is to receive a multi-billion dollar pay-day, and me my meager 500 ruble a month bonus, thus I try to sway the election in favor of Trump.


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