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Smile :) Is Western Union is About to Have a Kodak Moment?

Smile for the camera Western Union investors, let's see if this is a Kodak moment for you.

You remember Kodak, the iconic film company? Neither do we.

For decades upon decades Kodak served as the benchmark for film and processing, and its mighty brand carved a wide economic moat around its profit center.
Then, in a flash, they were obliterated by new technology (digital film) that passed their product by at the speed of light. (Funny enough, Kodak invented digital photography long before anyone else but kept it under wraps for fear of cannibalizing their cash cow.)

No Kodak investor should wistfully look back at that time with a pang of regret that they didn't sell; "If I only I had seen that coming ..."  No, they should be able to look in a mirror, diagnosis themselves as idiots, and shift their remaining capital to a no brain S+P index fund; it didn't take 20/20 forward vision to see this coming.
The same could be said for Blockbuster Video.

What about present …

Why Bitcoin Adoption is Spurred by Dr. Evil Governments- Fiat Meltdown

You are a citizen of Evil Land, blessed with a leader described as
"intrepid and heroic" ... at least by your history books and national media.

Dr. Evil's government borrows a Billion dollars from his beleaguered citizens and a few idiot foreign donors, to weaponize sharks with frickin laser beams on their heads, and to fund a huge "coke and whore" party for his generals; only one of which works according to plan.
When his plan to hold the world hostage is thwarted by Austin Powers, his treasury is in the red. What's his solution? As a leader who cares deeply about his citizens Like any good dictator he simply instructs the Federal Bank to rev-up the printing presses, and he churns a billion Evil Dollars, "making good" on his debt by sending the engraved paper to his debtors.
Of course, when you can simply print currency, and people freely start spending it- prices go soaring. To give you a simplistic example, let's say your country is an isl…